Shady Dealings in the Albertson’s Parking Lot

Two figures stand under a street lamp behind an Albertson’s at 1:30 a.m. Their faces are barely visible. Suddenly, one of the figures speaks.

“So, did you bring everything I asked for, Freddie?” he asked the other figure.

“What? Did you think I called you down here for the shits and giggles?” Freddie answers,”I need all the beauty sleep I can get, Woods. Mug like this don’t stay this pretty without proper maintenance.”

“Just open the bag,” Woods snaps, rolling his eyes and gesturing to the brown paper bag in Freddie’s hand.

“You got the money?” Freddie asks, grasping the bag in his hand tighter than before.

“Yeah,” Woods says pulling out a thick beige envelope from inside his jacket. “I got it.”

“Alright let’s do this,” Freddi says.

The two exchange items and begin to inspect the trade off.

As Freddie count his cash, Woods looks into the bag before making a displeased grunt.

“This is not what we agreed on,” his tone threatening as he looks Freddie straight in the eye.

“We agreed on 15 of the best,” Freddie counters.

“How are any of these considered ‘the best,'” Woods challenges taking a step forward.

“Hey man, those were the best I had,” Freddie concedes, raising his hands in front of his in a defensive position.

Suddenly, Woods grabs Freddie by the collar and spins him around, slamming him into the nearby brick wall. He leans in so close, Freddie can smell the garlic from the panini Woods had for dinner.

“Everybody knows that Magikarp and Psyduck are pretty much useless!” Woods yells.

“Hey man, stop yelling or I’m telling my mom and she’s gonna tell yours!,” Freddie whines.

“Hey chill! Let’s not get crazy,” Woods says backing away and picking his bike up from the floor.

“Just get me something better next time, yeah?” Woods says lifting one leg over the side of the bike.

“For sure,” Freddie answers tossing Woods back his envelop before grabbing his own skateboard, “You still coming over for dinner tomorrow?”

“Your mom making meat loaf?” Woods asks.

“You know it!” Freddie smiles.

“I’m in!” Woods yells back as he rides away.



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One Response to Shady Dealings in the Albertson’s Parking Lot

  1. Abi says:

    Hehehehe. You should post some of these on tumblr.

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