In Denial

Two mice sit at the entrance to their little home, gazing at the fluffy carpet in the living room of their person’s house.

Phil: Do you ever think about if we are bugging our person?

Don: What do you mean?

Phil: I mean, our person sometimes doesn’t seem happy to see us.

Don: Give me one example of a time our person wasn’t happy to see us.

Phil: Last night.

Don: What are you talking about? She seemed ecstatic.

Phil: She ran at us with a pan…

Don: She wasn’t running. She was walking briskly toward the kitchen with the pan to make dinner.

Phil: No, I’m pretty sure she was running toward us.

Don: You know, Phil. I think this is more of a reflection on you. You need to accept the love people want to give you. Our person wants to shower you with affection and you just can’t let her in. Embrace it. Embrace her. EMBRACE LIFE. GIVE ME A HUG YOU POOR LITTLE DAMAGED BALL OF FLUFF.

Phil: Don, get off me.

Don: Just soak it in.

Phil: Don?

Don: Yeah.

Phil: See that contraption over there?

Don: That thing made of wood with the wirey thing? OOH IS THAT CHEESE?

Phil: I think that’s a mouse trap.

Don: A what?

Phil: It’s to catch and kill mice.

Don: Yeah. Your point?

Phil: WE are mice.

Don: …


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One Response to In Denial

  1. idiotwriter says:

    Loved this – thanks for the giggle AND the insight 😀

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