Make it black.

Scene: 15 year old girls room. Poster on wall of pop punk bands. Clothes strewn about. And in the middle sits a fifteen year old girl in a floral dress sitting at the center of a pentacle. There is a candle at each point. “Linger” by the Cranberries plays softly in the background.

ENTER MAMA BEAR (Sofia Ortega)

Sofia stops halfway through the doorway of her daughter’s room.

“Kendall. Honey, what are you doing?” asked Sofia taking in the scene.

“Calling Aer, Goddess of War and Revenge,” Kendall answers simply.

She begins lighting the candles in clockwise pattern.

“And why exactly are you calling the Goddess of War and Revenge?” said Sofia closing the door behind her as she walks closer to the pentacle.

Kendall motions with her hand over the candles and they burn brighter. Shifting her weight, she takes a breathe before she answers the question.

“Ariel Cohen called me a skank in the middle of dance class,” Kendall sighs.

She places her hands directly on the floor in front of her and closes her eyes to concentrate. The air in the room feels suddenly energized.

“Well that wasn’t very nice of her, but you can’t just bring down the Goddess of Revenge on every person who is mean to you, honey,” Sofia says.

Kendall grunts in response and continues the ceremony.

“Kendall…” Sofia warns.

The lights turn off as the candle flames turn red. Shadows begin to dance on the walls. The young girls long black hair begins to lift into the air as blown by an invisible breeze. 

“KENDALL!” Sofia says sharply.

“She told me I got it from my mother.”

Sofia eyes widen a little as she takes in the insult. Kendall turns to meet her gaze and gauge her reaction.

“Well black candles will really put some venom in the spell,” she says walking out of the room.

“Thanks, Mom!” 

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